Anyone that heads south to Florida for the cold months of winter is usually referred to as a snow bird.. Or has simply reached the age of retirement. Am I running out the clock already? .. Should I start taking Metamucil? What is going on? 

 After last winters “snowpocalypse” in New York and some weeks spent working in Florida over the past few years, it was time to really do it right and get an early jump on the warm sunlight. I Couldn’t have picked a better week. The day we arrived, it snowed in New York. 

Later that evening upon our arrival, mind you the same day driving straight from Asheville, NC, was an outdoor house concert at Bill Mathers’ abode. Mr. Bill Mathers is a legit treasure hunter having discovered several shipwrecks. His most notable discovery being The Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, a Spanish Manila galleon. Manila galleon’s were vessels that sailed to the orient carrying silver, spices, gold, jewels and were three times larger than the Atlantic galleons, such as the famous Atocha. Long story short, Bill is the man. And on top of setting sail for the worlds open seas in search of Spanish treasures, it was great to make friends with someone that also equally values the other priceless things in life such as a day with music and friends. Thanks to Bill for opening his.. dock.. boat.. lawn.. Thank you Bill and all that attended.

  What a beautiful spot to perform. On a dock under the stars. Friends Scott Sloan and Randy Mason sat in on a few tunes for the second set. I always try invite my friends up to jam a few during my shows. Randy actually studied fingerstyle guitar with Revered Gary Davis back in the 60’s in the East Village. Dude can play and he tore it up. He also wore the same shirt as me, so Randy also has excellent taste. My good friend, Scott laid down some smooth covers that he truly makes his won while letting me solo a bit. These moments are my favorite for the night because I’ve been noticing that having others come up for the second set usually tends to make the vibe a bit more communal and connected. Plus playing music with others is what its all about.

 Having blast here in Florida. See you with more stories soon




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